Q&A with DE coach Kevin Peoples

Defensive end coach Kevin Peoples discussed position changes, players competing for both of the open starting defensive end spots and developing players to be in the rotation or to help them accomplish their goals as they pursue their professional football dreams.

– A lot of continuity coming back for a second year under Blake Baker. Looking back at the body of work you did last year, what do you want to get better at this year?

“Yeah, obviously, trying to build on what we did last year and then trying to improve the things which we need to improve on. You can see from the first day with guys coming back 一 whether it’s the scheme or drill work and all that kind of stuff, the carryover is there from being here with coach Baker. So, it’s exciting to have these guys back, they’re hungry and we’re looking forward to improving these last couple of weeks of spring ball.”

– What does Darius Robinson have to know and have to do to be effective at defensive end?

“A lot of this is the same fundamentals. The spacing is different. Obviously, you’re on the edge and you get a little more space and you get more responsibility versus a zone-read quarterback which is different from defensive tackles. Really, it’s just a space and timing thing that he needs to get used to. He’s a smart kid that spends a lot of time studying film and trying to perfect his craft, but just the spacing and the timing issue but moving out on the edges is a little be difficult.”

– What do guys like Austin Firestone, Joe Moore, Arden Walker and Johnny Walker need to do to occupy one of those roles left behind by DJ Coleman, Isaiah McGuire and Trajan Jeffcoat?

“The first thing is establishing those roles and that going to be decided by them. One of the first core values ​​of our program is always competing and that’s what these guys have an opportunity to do. Whether we identify who is going to be the starter after spring ball and we get into fall camp 一 those guys have a chance to step up, compete and then solidify their spot at the edge position.”

– Besides the cultural fit with Joe Moore being from St. Louis, what does he bring on and off the field that you guys liked when you brought him in?

“Joe is a good person and all that stuff which does matter to us that we get the right people in here. He has pass-rush ability and he’s got twitch. If you look at the differences between him and Robinson it’s size, but Joe has that ability to rush the passer and drop in coverage. So, I’m pleased to see where he’s at and I look forward to continuing his progress.”

– How is the defensive end position evolving every year, especially when some players can pass rush but also drop in coverage?

“Those guys are required to do a lot of things whether it’s taking on an offensive tackle on an inside or outside zone play, rushing the passer and then being able to drop into coverage somewhat. It takes a talented guy and that’s why you see a premium for those guys in the NFL and pros.

“We want to develop guys here that can play in a four-down system but then also demonstrate that they can drop so that when all 32 teams go to draft them, they will have an opportunity to go there. So, that’s what we do . We’re primarily with four defensive linemen down, but we do get into 3-4, so for those guys to be able to demonstrate their skills 一 that’s required. It’s going to be great for them and their future suggests that.”

– What are you for out of Ian Matthews and Ky Montgomery?

“So, Ky is actually moving inside. He’s playing defensive tackle and Ian will play defensive end. He (Matthews) is a big guy, so different types of defensive ends. Joe Moore, Arden and Johnny Walker 一 we’re trying to get guys that can play in different situational football games. Matthews would be a guy that continues to develop and play on some early downs and see what he can do against the run.”

– What are you looking for out of a young player like Jahkai Lang?

“Trying to get him to learn the defense. He’s done a great job of adjusting to college life. He’s a very mature kid, so if he can leave spring ball understanding the speed of college football and the volume which we put on those guys to learn it will be a success.”

– Is spring ball here you can figure out where you can move guys inside or outside and make them stick a little bit and help push them forward to learn that position more?

“Exactly. So, just like we moved Robinson last year for bowl preparation and we moved Jayden Jernigan back there a little in bowl preparation. So, spring ball and bowl prep are opportunities for guys to explore for us and be able to define their roles, see what they can do well, build our defensive scheme and put them in situations where they can be successful.”

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